Community Sandbox Program is Back

The City of Edmonton is reinstating the Community Sandboxes program. Approximately 150 sandboxes that were previously part of the program will be returned to their former spots by February 11, and they will be filled with sand and ready for use by residents during the following week.

Sand is provided as a courtesy during winter weather. Pick up free sand at participating community leagues throughout the City to use on your icy sidewalks and walkways. Remember to bring your own container when you visit your local community sandbox.

If there are neighbourhoods that never had a sandbox previously and would like one, we ask that they go through their community league to request them. The community league is then asked to call 311 to make the request on behalf of the neighbourhood. For neighbourhoods with no community league, those residents can call 311 directly to make the request.

Are You With Me?

I was saddened to hear of the horrific tragedy in a Quebec mosque this week.   We hear about such events around the world but not in our own country.   We have seen isolated incidents but nothing to this magnitude.   I thought our country was different.  Overall, we are respectful, accepting and supportive of our fellow citizens.  We saw that this summer during the wild fire in Fort McMurray how many people came from all faiths, cultures and backgrounds to support those who were displaced from the fire.   Together we welcomed and supported them.  We held fundraisers and volunteered our time.   I am proud of our community and what we did.   It is a good example of our true heart for our fellow man.

Recent incidents of racism do not reflect the majority of us.   Are these individuals acting out of fear or ignorance?

I had the opportunity to visit a mosque after the Quebec shooting and heard from Muslim community members who expressed concerns about whether they should send their children to school or go shopping the next day.   They were fearful about what we as a community would say or react to them.  This bothered me that our community would feel uncomfortable in their own community.

What can we do?  What should we do?   How do we stop the fear on both sides?  Personally, I am going to continue to meet, support and respect all citizens in our community.   When I hear the negative comments or misinformation I am going to speak up. I will not sit idly by, nor will I be passively disengaged. I will stand up and show both compassion and concern for my neighbour, my fellow Edmontonian, and my fellow Canadian… are you with me?